Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Offensive advertising

It's recently come to my attention that people are very upset when advertising is racy. Sexual innuendo is rampant (like here and here). And I think people are right to be upset. Sex is bad and evil and should be tucked away and never spoken about so that we can all forget that sex exists.

At the same time, people are forgetting one of the worst offenders of sexual innuendo: ads with kids in them. Because let's face it - you can't have kids without having sex. Every time I see a kid in an ad, I think, "Yech. Some guy stuck his noodle in some woman's Yipee Hole to make that kid." Children are the embodiment of sexual innuendo, and if we cannot stop them from being used in ads, we will all have to suffer these horrible thoughts of men thrusting their swollen Happy Sticks into their wife's Yick Catcher. And that's wrong.

To join me in my quest to remove children from ads, click here. Thanks.



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